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BrahMos missile

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Brahmos missile

The BrahMos missile is a supersonic cruise missile developed jointly by India’s Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroyeniya. The name “BrahMos” is derived from the Brahmaputra River in India and the Moskva River in Russia.

The missile has a range of around 290 km and can carry a conventional warhead weighing up to 300 kg. It is capable of flying at a speed of Mach 2.8 (around 3,450 km/h), making it one of the fastest cruise missiles in the world. The missile has both land-attack and anti-ship capabilities, and can be launched from multiple platforms including land, sea, and air.

The BrahMos missile has been inducted into the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, and has also been exported to other countries. It is considered to be a major asset for India’s defense capabilities.

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