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Extended Admission Deadline for Working Professionals: Upgrade Your Qualifications Now!


In a significant move to facilitate continuous learning and professional development, the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) under the University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced an extension of the admission deadline for working professionals. The new deadline is set for the 30th of November, 2023, providing an additional window for those seeking to enhance their academic credentials.

Opportunity for Working Professionals

This extension is a boon for working professionals looking to advance in their careers through higher education. With the pressures of work often sidelining educational aspirations, this extended deadline is an acknowledgment of their unique circumstances and a chance to balance their professional and academic goals.

List of AICTE-Approved Institutes

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) plays a critical role in assuring the quality of technical education in India. It’s essential for aspirants to refer to the list of approved institutes on the AICTE website to ensure they choose recognized programs that will add value to their professional journey.

Admission Process for Working Professionals

The admission process for working professionals is tailored to accommodate their schedules. Prospective students should:

  1. Visit the AICTE website to review the list of approved institutions.
  2. Select a program that aligns with their career objectives and fits their work-life balance.
  3. Follow the application procedures provided by the respective institution, which may include the submission of work experience documents.
  4. Prepare for any entrance examinations or fulfill criteria as stipulated by the institution or program.

Benefits of Upgrading Qualifications

Upgrading academic qualifications can lead to significant career benefits, including higher pay, better job positions, and increased marketability. It also equips professionals with the latest industry knowledge and skills, fostering personal growth and confidence in their professional roles.


The extension of the admission deadline is a strategic step to empower working professionals to achieve their educational and career aspirations. It is a reminder of the importance of lifelong learning and the commitment of educational bodies to support this ethos. Working professionals are encouraged to take this opportunity to propel themselves towards greater professional heights.


For more information on the extended deadline and to view the list of approved institutes, visit AICTE’s official website. Additional resources and guidelines can also be found on the UGC’s official portal for distance education.