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motivational story | the sage and the mouse

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motivational story | the sage and the mouse

A sage lived in a forest. A mouse was also living in his tent for many days. This mouse loved the sage very much. When he was engrossed in penance, he used to listen to hymns sitting near him with great pleasure. Even he himself started worshiping God. But he was always scared and scared of dogs-cats and eagles-crows etc.

Once the sage felt a lot of pity for that mouse. They started thinking that this poor mouse is scared all the time, why not make it a lion. So that the fear of this poor man ends and he can fearlessly roam everywhere. Rishi was the master of great divine power. With the power of his power, he turned that rat into a lion and started thinking that now this rat will not be afraid of any animal and will be able to roam fearlessly in the whole forest.

But as soon as the mouse became a lion, the whole thinking of the mouse changed. He roamed fearlessly in the whole forest. Now all the animals started getting scared of him and started saluting him. He started cheering. But the sages knew that it was just a mouse, not actually a lion.

That’s why the sage used to treat him as a rat. The rat did not like this thing that anyone should treat it as a rat. He started thinking that in such a situation, other animals will also be affected badly. People will start hating and disrespecting him more than they respect him.

So the rat thought why not kill this sage. Then there will be no bamboo, no flute will play. Thinking this, he went to kill the sage. As soon as the sage saw the angry lion coming towards him, he understood what was in his mind. He got very angry on the lion.

So, to break his pride, the sage once again made him a mouse with his divine power.


Friends! We should never harm our benefactor, no matter how strong we may be. We should always remember those people who have supported us in our bad times. Apart from this, we should not forget our past as well. If the rat had remembered its reality, it would not have had to become a rat again. Time passed takes us out of pride..!!

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