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Real kashmir Kheer-Bhawani fair in Gandharbal, Kashmir

Kheer-Bhavani fair in Gandharbal. This fair is a pure Hindu fair. Hill men and women gather here. People of each family coming to this fair perform separate yagya, which reminds of the ancient Aryans. Men are shapely, strong, tall and handsome. As soon as one sees the raised broad forehead, pointed nose, round and small chin, the feeling arises in the mind that these are the descendants of Shrayas. Pure Aryans are found only in Kashmir. The Hindus of other provinces of India no longer belonged to the pure Aryan race. Rather they are different mixtures of Aryan and non-Aryan castes. The beauty of hill women cannot remain without captivating the mind. The eyes of the women who came to the fair proved that there is no misconduct among the Brahmins of Kashmir. Keep looking at the faces of women adorned with extremely beautiful noses, cheeks like the reflection of a bunch of roses in a mirror, eyes as big as those of a deer. She will also keep looking at you like an innocent cow. There is no sin in his mind. They don’t know what evil eye is? Due to this, when someone looks at them, they also start looking at them with simple nature. Seeing the men and women of the fair, I was reminded of the families of those gods, whose beautiful descriptions are found in Sanskrit poetry. Kashmir travelers must see this fair

Kheer Bhawani fair is organized on Wednesday in Ganderbal, Jammu and Kashmir. A large number of Kashmiri Pandits participate in this fair. This event is held at Mata Kheer Bhavani Temple located in Tulmula in Ganderbal district.

When is Kheer Bhawani Fair?

Every year on the auspicious occasion of Jyeshtha Ashtami, Kashmiri Pandits come to Mata Raganya Devi temple for darshan. It is also known as Kheer Bhavani Temple. This year in 2023, on 28th May, Kheer Bhawani Mela was celebrated with great enthusiasm by Kashmiri Pandits as well as the local people of Kashmir Valley.

What is Kheer Bhavani Fair?

Every year on the Ashtami date of Jyeshtha month, a grand fair is organized here. Kashmiri Hindus worship the goddess here every day and pray for their protection. The name of this temple of Goddess Durga as Kheer Bhavani became popular because Kheer is especially offered to the Goddess. Kheer is offered in the spring season.

Where is Mela Kheer Bhavani festival celebrated in India?

Fair Kheer Bhawani Utsav was celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir in the month of June. Every year, thousands of Kashmiri Pandits visit the temple on Jeshta Ashtami.

Why is Kheer Bhavani famous?

The unique name of the temple is named after the famous Indian sweet kheer, which is the main offering to the goddess. Maharaja Pratap Singh built this temple in 1912, which was later renovated by Maharaja Hari Singh. The temple has a hexagonal waterfall and a small marble shrine where the idol of the goddess is installed.