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Regarding dissemination of pension information being made available to pensioners.

Regarding dissemination of pension information being made available to pensioners.

For information about pension to be paid to pensioners/family pensioners, the following facilities have been provided by the department to the pensioners – 1. Website of Pension and Pensioners Welfare Department IFPMS or

pension services apply for
A portal has been made available for pensioners through pensioner login.

  1. By logging in, pensioners can view/download and print their monthly pension slip and annual pension statement. Pension details are available in the following columns in the monthly pension slip – Basic Pension, Commutation, reduced pension (B C=R)*, DA,IR,Additional pension, FMA (MEDICAL), DH allowance, other allowances, arrear, total allowance ( TA), commutation Restoration, TDS, Recovery, Total Deduction (TD), Net Amount(TA-TD)3. To view complete information, enter your PPO No. at Pensioner login. And by entering the last 4 digits of the bank account number, pensioners can update the basic details of their mobile number, Aadhaar number, PAN number and email.
  2. After login with user ID and password, pensioners can view/update/download/print/fillup/upload/submit the information available in the following captions-

(a) Viewing pension slip monthly pension slip.
(B) Update Basic Detail: Updating one’s own basic information.
(c) Tax Declaration: Giving information about investment for exemption in income tax and income tax calculation.
(d) Form 16- Downloading/printing digitally sided Form No. 16
(y) Updating one’s own profile Pensioners Profile.

(r) Declaration: Information about timely announcement applicable to different categories.
(l) JEEVAN PRAMAAN- Information about various methods of submitting survival certificate, such as:-

(i) Uploading on the website of the Pension Department – black format view and downloading, space for uploading the list of authorized certifying authorities and life certificate.

(ii) Aadhaar number authenticated by biometric machine available in all the e-Mitra centers including the list of more than 80000 e-service centers, all the post offices of the country and all the offices of Rajasthan Pension Department.

(iii) Jeevan Pramaan through face authentication through mobile app.

(iv) By manual/personal presence-

(v) To upload the current certificates applicable to pensioners in certification.

(c) Facility to submit your problems online in Requests

(sh) Facility to manually download PPO, GPO, CPO in PENDOC.

5The facility to view/download pension slip/pension payment details of each month by entering one’s own PPO number and last four digits of bank account is also available in Pension Payments from budget Rajasthan mobile app.

Please provide the above information to all pensioners and pensioner associations, so that pensioners can avail these facilities.

  • (Basic Pension Commutation Reduced Pension)