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RKSMBK Assessment 1 |Education Department Rajasthan

Education Department Rajasthan

Progressive steps in education of Rajasthan

Continuous Prevention

What to do and what not to do during inspection: Know by clicking on the link given in the description. No penalty for low performance, but 17 CC notice will be given for cheating

RKSMBK Assessment 1

Staff Teacher Meeting

Assessment Time: 11:30 AM – 12:30PM

Hold assessment related to the staff teacher meeting in your school on 28th October

100% attendance

All parents should be informed and it should be ensured that 100% students appear in the examination


New time table for discussion of classes 3-5 and 6-8 will be pasted on the wall

Meeting Agenda

In case of absence of the head of the institution, the staff teacher in-charge of Remediation should organize a meeting

In case of any problem related to assessment, please inform the Remediation in-charge of your school

Seating Allocation

Grade wise seating plan should be made and multi grade seating should be arranged in one class

Teacher Allocation

Teacher class allocation is to be decided. The class teacher of the same subject should not invigilate the paper (wherever possible)

nine cheating

Get all teachers’ app updated again