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Roles and Responsibilities of Vice Principal (L-14) in Rajasthan Government Schools

Roles and Responsibilities of Vice Principal (L-14) in Rajasthan Government Schools - Shala Saral
Vice-principals are involved in many aspects of daily administration and education. They can also evaluate new teachers and develop new curriculum. In smaller schools, there may be only one vice-principal. Larger schools often have more than one vice-principal to help distribute the workload of the administration team

Duties and Responsibilities of Vice Principal

Responsibilities and Work Assignments for the Post of Vice Principal (L-14)

In order to strengthen the educational monitoring system in view of the quality of education and to improve the efficiency in the smooth operation and conduct of educational work of the education administration, the Rajasthan Education (State and Subordinate) Service (Second Amendment) Rules-2022 have been implemented in Government Higher Secondary Schools. The responsibilities, criteria, and work assignments for the post of Vice Principal are determined as follows. The Principal will be responsible for all administrative decisions of the school. In view of the above facts, for the cooperation of the Principal, the Vice Principal is given the following responsibilities among the expected tasks of the schools, under the control/subordination of the Principal working in the school:

  1. Teaching of at least 18 periods per week.
  2. To discharge all the responsibilities of running the school as acting Principal in case of the absence of the Principal (post vacant/vacation/travel).
  3. Ensuring enrollment work and enrollment targets are met and maintained by the school.
  4. To reduce dropout to zero level in the jurisdiction. Conducting the entire admission-related process and getting the admission-related records/Shala Darpan updation completed.
  5. To prepare the school timetable (class-wise/teacher-wise) and get it followed.
  6. Making the school plan, getting it approved by SDMC, and getting it implemented.
  7. Operation and monitoring of various programs to improve the quality of education at the primary and upper primary levels.
  8. Monthly monitoring of class, teaching, and homework (every three months for each teacher) two announced and two unannounced.
  9. Conducting local tests/periodic tests.
  10. Observation and verification of teachers’ diaries.
  11. Under the Prohibition of Smoking Act (COTPA), ensuring maintenance of a smoke-free zone within a 100-meter radius of school premises and tree plantation, Swachh Bharat, Sanitary Napkin Scheme, School Health Program, and other health-related activities. Will be in charge of the works ex-officio and will provide necessary support to the Principal for implementing the provisions of these programs in the school.
  12. Making an action plan to improve the board exam results of classes 5, 8, 10, and 12 and to cooperate with the Principal for its implementation.
  13. Will be responsible for the examination results of classes 5 and 8.
  14. To do the work of prior preparation and implementation of various competitions organized by the department from time to time.
  15. Ensuring participation of students of the school in various academic competitions like Science Fair, Art Festival, Board Creative Competitions, Talent Search Examinations, NMMS Scholarship Examination, Inspire Award, Annual Festival, Bal Sabha, and various activities organized/directed by the department from time to time.
  16. Will be ex-officio in-charge for conducting activities related to nutrition distribution under Mid-Day-Meal.
  17. Online portal Shala Darpan updation, online attendance by the department, in-charge for scholarship portal and all other online work.
  18. The school which operates in two shifts. Vice Principal in those schools will be the ex-officio in-charge of the 2nd shift (in which classes 5th and 8th are being conducted).
  19. Will be able to approve casual leave of school personnel/teachers.
  20. Organizing and passing meetings while working as a member of SDMC, fulfilling decisions, and maintaining records.
  21. To do all the work assigned by the Principal and higher officials from time to time.