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RTE Portal Error Cleared Update

RTE Portal Error Cleared Update

The RTE portal is a web-based platform that allows parents to apply for RTE admissions for their children in schools in India. The portal has been facing some technical errors since its launch, which has caused inconvenience to parents.

SDM Service Team Update

On November 13, 2023, the SDM Service Team announced that most of the errors on the RTE portal have been fixed. This includes errors related to the 25/75 ratio, showing students as studying in other schools even after deducting their TC, and other such errors.

Impact on Teachers, Students, and Researchers

The clearing of errors on the RTE portal is a positive development for teachers, students, and researchers. Teachers will now be able to focus on teaching and learning, without having to worry about technical glitches. Students will be able to apply for RTE admissions smoothly, without any hassles. Researchers will also be able to study the RTE portal and its impact on education in India more effectively.


The clearing of errors on the RTE portal is a welcome step. It is hoped that the portal will continue to function smoothly and provide a hassle-free experience for parents and students alike.

Additional Information for Teachers, Students, and Researchers

Teachers can use the following information to discuss the RTE portal with their students:

What is the RTE portal?

How does the RTE portal work?

What are the benefits of using the RTE portal?

What are the challenges faced by the RTE portal?

Students can do research on the following topics related to the RTE portal:

The impact of the RTE portal on education in India

The challenges faced by the RTE portal and how they can be addressed

The role of technology in improving the RTE portal

Researchers can study the RTE portal from the following perspectives:





Researchers can also compare the RTE portal with similar portals in other countries and identify best practices.

Call to Action

Teachers, students, and researchers can play a vital role in improving the RTE portal. Teachers can provide feedback to the SDM Service Team on how to improve the portal and make it more user-friendly. Students can raise awareness about the portal and encourage their parents to use it. Researchers can conduct studies on the portal and provide recommendations for improvement.

By working together, we can make the RTE portal a more effective tool for improving education in India.