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Shala Darpan 2023 | Complete information

What is Shala Darpan Portal? (shaladarpan) ?

In the present age of information technology, information management is an essential component for the business management and reputation of any organization. Shala Darpan is a database management portal of operational power, where information about all government schools and education offices is kept online. Shala Darpan is updated as a continuous process, in this portal “live data” is stored in respect of students of primary and secondary education, schools and non-academic staff Is.

This portal is designed and developed by National Informatics Center (NIC), Rajasthan. Available data material related to Rajasthan Council of School Education in shaladarpan.

Shala Darpan Portal Rajasthan

Shala Darpan Portal Rajasthan – With all the information related to schools now available online, there will be a special expansion in the field of education. Shala Darpan Portal was launched by the Government of Rajasthan on 26 June 2021. This is a program run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Through this program, information related to government schools and education offices and government aided schools will be made available to the citizens in a transparent manner.

Various schemes are run through the government to promote education. This is one of the important schemes under which information related to educational institutions will now be available. Shala Darpan Portal Rajasthan is an essential platform to realize the dream of Digital India.

Services Provided in Rajasthan Shala Darpan Portal

Various types of services have been made available in the portal to provide all the facilities related to education online to the residents of Rajasthan state. Parents can use various services available in the portal to get information related to their children and their educational institutions. The details of the services present in the Shala Darpan portal are as follows.

  1. School Search Process
  2. Student Report Viewing Process
  3. Staff login
  4. Process to view staff reports
  5. Procedure to know School NIC ID
  6. Process to view staff information
  7. Suggestion Process
  8. School Reporting Process
  9. Scheme Search Process
  10. Transfer Schedule

Objectives of Shaladarpan Portal

The main objective of Shala Darpan Rajasthan is to provide its special support in the development of students. All this information will be made available through this process whether the students belonging to government schools are getting better education or not. All the information related to this will be made available to the parents through Shala Darpan. Through this information portal, parents will now be able to get school information, reports, and teachers related information online. Under this portal, data related to government schools will now be presented to the parents in a transparent manner.

The list of teachers and other non-teaching officers has also been made available in the portal. Along with this, all the data will also be available in the portal as to how much the performance of the students has improved in the portal. Also, in which government schools children are getting better education, a complete account of it has also been made available in the portal. Without going to schools, now its information can be obtained digitally through mobile phone app or portal.

Benefits and Features of Shala Darpan Portal

  • This is a dynamic Management Shala Darpan in which information related to students, teachers and school offices of all government schools of the state has been recorded.
  • Due to the availability of all types of information related to schools and related to the field of education online, services will be made available in front of parents in a transparent manner.
  • Due to the availability of online service, they will not need to go to any educational institutions.
  • This portal will play a special role in utilizing the time of the parents.
  • The data of students related to primary and secondary education has also been made available in the portal.
  • All information related to children’s reports and government schools has now been made available in the Shala Darpan portal.
  • The ShalaSamblan APP mobile app related to the portal has also been launched. You can also take advantage of the services with the help of the app.
  • With the help of this portal, the fraud process of employees in government schools that are wrongly installed can be stopped. Because the data related to teachers and non-teachers will be made available online in the portal.
  • Information related to Shala Darpan New Posting can also be obtained online now.
  • All those things are updated in the portal that how much the level of education is improving in government schools. All this information will be available in the portal as to how much increase is being found in the studies and performance reports of the students.
  • The facility related to Shala Darpan School Search has also been made available in the portal.

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