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Shri Hanuman Birth Anniversary 2023 | Important information collection about Shri Hanuman ji

Hindu God hanuman Ji

Hanuman ji is a Hindu deity and a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana. He is worshiped by millions of Hindus around the world and is known for his strength, devotion and loyalty.

According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman is believed to be the son of the wind god Vayu, and was born to help Lord Rama defeat the demon king Ravana and rescue his wife Sita. Hanuman played an important role in the war between Rama and Ravana and is often referred to as the “eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva” because of his immense strength and bravery.

Hanuman is depicted as a deity with the face of a vanara with a muscular body and a long tail. He is often depicted carrying a mace and is revered by Hindus as a symbol of strength, courage and devotion. Hanuman is also known as “Pavanputra” or son of the wind and is worshiped by devotees for his strength, courage and ability to provide protection.

Devotees of Hanuman celebrate his birthday on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, which falls in March or April. Hanuman Jayanti is an important festival for Hindus and is celebrated with great enthusiasm across India.

divine birth of hanumanji

According to Hindu mythology, the Hindu deity Hanumanji was born in ancient India during the Treta Yuga, the second of the four yugas described in Hinduism. The story of Hanumanji’s birth is full of mysticism and divine intervention.

In the epic Ramayana, Hanumanji has been described as the biggest devotee of Lord Rama. By worshiping them daily, one gets the desired boon. According to the Puranas, Lord Hanuman is considered to be the Rudraavatar of Shiva. According to Shiva Purana, Hanuman ji is the 11th incarnation of ShivaAccording to the calculations of astrologers, Hanuman ji was born 1 crore 85 lakh 58 thousand 112 years ago on Chaitra Purnima on Tuesday at 6.03 am in Chitra Nakshatra and Aries ascendant.

Dang district located in Gujarat was known as Dandakaranya Pradesh during the Ramayana period. According to belief, it was here that Shabri fed berries to Lord Rama and Lakshmana. Today this place is known as Shabridham. The strongest belief of the tribals of Dang district is that Hanumanji was also born in the Anjani cave located in the Anjani mountain of Dang district. It is said that Anjani Mata had done severe penance on Anjani mountain itself and as a result of this penance, she was blessed with son Ratna i.e. Hanumanji. Mother Anjani gave birth to Hanumanji in Anjani cave itself.

The child was named Hanuman, and grew up to be a mighty and dedicated warrior who fought for righteousness. According to legend, Hanumanji was blessed with the ability to change his size and appearance, and possessed immense strength due to which he was able to lift huge mountains and jump long distances.

The birth of Hanumanji is celebrated with great enthusiasm in many parts of India, especially during the festival of Hanuman Jayanti. Devotees of Hanumanji believe that he is a symbol of strength, courage and devotion, and they worship him for his divine blessings and protection.

Shri Hanuman Janmotsav 06 April 2023 Thursday

On April 06, 2023, Thursday, Chaitra Shukla Paksha Purnima, the festival of the birth anniversary of Shri Hanuman ji will be celebrated. Many auspicious yogas are being made this time on Shri Hanuman Janmotsav festival celebrated on 06th April.

The festival of Shri Hanuman Prakatotsav (birth anniversary) will begin in Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga. Along with this, there will be an auspicious combination of Hasta Nakshatra and Chitra Nakshatra and Venus, the lord of physical comforts, will also change its zodiac sign.

In such a situation, worshiping Hanumanji especially on Shri Hanuman Janmotsav will be extremely beneficial for you. On this day you can also do some measures to please Mahavir Hanumanji. With this Hanumanji will remove all the troubles from your life and keep his grace.

Special precautions should be taken while worshiping Shri Hanuman ji:

  • Take special care of purity and sanctity in the worship of Shri Hanuman ji, rituals etc.
  • Follow the rules of purity a day before for the worship of Shri Hanuman ji.
  • A day before, give up Tamasik food, do not consume garlic, onion etc. and keep Satvik behavior.
  • On the day of Shri Hanuman Janmotsav, get up early in the morning before sunrise and take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  • On this day, arrange flowers, fruits etc. for Shri Hanuman ji while continuously chanting “Shri Ram”, the name of Shri Ram, beloved of Shri Hanuman ji, which is a special favorite name of Hanuman ji.
  • After this, sit on a clean seat and worship Hanuman ji.
  • Keep pious conduct on this day, speak less, keep fast. Stay away from demerits like lies, deceit, deceit, jealousy, greed-lust etc.
  • On this day, take the prasad offered to Hanuman ji in one go. On this day you can take fruits, milk etc. and have one meal at a time.
  • A day before, collect essential things for worshiping Hanuman ji like- coconut, supari, vermilion, sandalwood, sacred thread, pure desi ghee, pure good quality incense, fruits, prasad etc.

The importance of chanting mantras on this day-:

Recite Sunderkand -:
For the happiness of Shri Hanuman ji, you can also recite Sunderkand on this day, light a lamp of pure desi ghee and sit on a clean seat and recite Sunderkand, this will fulfill all your wishes and get rid of the troubles going on in life. , will get

Shri Hanuman Chalisa

On this day, you can recite 108 Hanuman Chalisa sitting in a secluded place, such as: on the banks of a holy river, under a Peepal, Bad, Banyan tree or in a secluded place in the house, you can recite Hanuman Chalisa . , You can also do this by sitting in Shri Hanuman temple and after this day start reciting Shri Hanuman Chalisa continuously every morning and evening, Hanuman ji’s blessings will remain on you and all the pending works will start getting completed.

Hanuman Ashtak
If you are surrounded by any enemy, disease, lawsuit etc. big trouble, then you can recite Hanuman Ashtak 108 times by lighting a lamp of pure cow’s ghee. By doing this all the troubles of Hanumanji go away.

Chant the name “Shriram” in front of Hanumanji-:

On this day you can sit in the Hanuman temple and chant any mantra of Shri Ram like- Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram This pleases Hanuman ji and receives his blessings and his devotion.

Offer fruits and flowers-:
Decorate Hanuman ji with jasmine, rose, marigold, hajara, hibiscus flowers and offer them at his holy feet. In fruits, offer seasonal fruits like banana, orange, grapes etc.

Vermilion chickpeas
On the day of Shri Hanuman Janmotsav, offer vermilion, sandalwood, paan, janeu, coconut, incense-lamp etc. to Shri Hanumanji with full devotion.

Bhog – Prasad
On this day, offer prasad prepared with the purity and sanctity of Shri Hanuman ji, such as: jaggery, gram, boondi made in pure cow’s ghee, churma, motichur laddoos, fruits etc.

troubleshoot problems

If there is any kind of defect in your birth chart like- Mangal Dosh, Shani, Rahu Dosh, Moon-Sun Eclipse Dosh, Pitra Dosh or any type of planet-constellation dosh and due to which there is hindrance in your marriage. Life. It is happening, child is an obstacle in happiness, failure is being achieved in job business. So on this day you can be free from the adverse effects of planets and constellations by doing some of these simple measures. Jai Shri Ram

Tell ten important incidents in the life of Hanumanji

Meeting Lord Rama:

Hanumanji first met Lord Rama when he was searching for his wife Sita, who was abducted by Ravana. Hanumanji offered his services to Lord Rama and became his loyal devotee.

burning of lanka

Hanumanji set fire to Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana, to save Lord Rama and his army along with Sita.

lifting sanjivani mountain

When Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana was injured in battle, Hanumanji was sent to bring Sanjivani Booti from the Himalayas to save him. Hanumanji lifted the entire mountain on his shoulders and brought the herbs just in time to save Lakshmana.

Meeting with Mata Sita:

Hanumanji first met Sita when he found her imprisoned in Lanka. He reassured Sita Mata about the sorrow and love of Lord Rama’s separation and vowed to save her.

Killing Ahiravana:

Ravana’s brother Ahiravana had the power to make himself invisible. Hanumanji defeated him by taking the form of Garuda and killed him.

Reunion with Lord Rama:

After rescuing Sita and destroying Ravana’s pride, Hanuman returned to Lord Rama with the news of his victory. Lord Rama was overjoyed and embraced Hanumanji as a dear friend and ally.

Meeting Bhima:

In the Mahabharata, Hanumanji appeared in the guise of a monkey and met Bhima, one of the Pandavas. He helped Bhima overcome an obstacle in his path and gave him a powerful weapon.

Samudra Manthan

Hanumanji participated in the churning of the ocean by the gods and demons to obtain the nectar of immortality. He was instrumental in holding the mountain which was used as the churning rod.

Protection of the Sun:

When the demon Rahu swallowed the sun, Hanuman ji chased him and caught him. He freed Surya from the grip of Rahu and saved the world from darkness.

10 Lessons from the Life of Hindu God Shri Hanumanji

Devotion: Shri Hanumanji is known for his devotion to Lord Rama. His unwavering faith and loyalty is an inspiration to all of us to remain dedicated to our beliefs.

Strength: Shri Hanumanji possessed immense physical strength, which he used to help others. It teaches us to use our strengths to serve others and make a positive impact.

Humility: Despite his powers, Shri Hanumanji remained humble and never boasted of his abilities. This is a lesson for us to stay grounded and not let our successes go to our heads.

Courage: Shri Hanumanji showed great courage and bravery even in adverse circumstances. It teaches us to be brave and face our fears.

Perseverance: Shri Hanumanji never gave up, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. It teaches us to keep going even when things get tough.

Loyalty: Shri Hanumanji’s unwavering loyalty to Lord Rama is a lesson in loyalty and devotion to a cause or person.

Service: Shri Hanumanji used his abilities to serve others, be it helping Lord Rama in his quest or helping others in need. It teaches us to use our skills and abilities to serve others.

Respect: Shri Hanumanji was known for his respect for his elders, especially Lord Rama and his guru, Lord Surya. It teaches us to respect our elders and those who have helped us along the way.

Wisdom: Shri Hanumanji was known for his wisdom and intelligence, which he used to help others. It teaches us to seek knowledge and use it to help others.

Faith: Shri Hanumanji’s unwavering faith in Lord Rama is a lesson in the power of faith and belief. It teaches us to believe in something above ourselves and trust in a higher power.