The Medicinal Marvels of Mangoes: Unveiling the Health Benefits

The Medicinal Marvels of Mangoes: Unveiling the Health Benefits

As the mango season dawns upon us, it is not just the tantalizing taste and juicy delight that makes this fruit special. Mangoes also possess numerous medicinal properties that have been cherished for centuries. In this article, we explore the various health benefits of mangoes, ranging from treating coughs to enhancing digestion and controlling sugar levels. Let’s delve into the remarkable healing properties of this tropical fruit.

  1. Relieving Dry Cough: Roasted Mango Roasting a ripe mango in hot ashes and consuming it has been known to alleviate dry cough. This simple remedy can be repeated until the cough subsides, without any adverse effects.
  2. Stimulating Appetite: Mango Juice Infusion To boost appetite, mix 1 gram of rock salt and a small amount of sugar in mango juice. Drinking this concoction helps enhance appetite and can be beneficial for those experiencing reduced hunger.
  3. Combating Anemia: Mango-Milk Elixir Combining a glass of desi cow’s milk with a cup of mango juice and adding a spoonful of honey forms a potent elixir that can increase blood levels. Regular consumption of this mixture in the morning and evening aids in addressing anemia.
  4. Promoting Dental Health: Mango Kernel Paste Prepare a paste by grinding mango kernels and apply it to the teeth and gums. This natural remedy helps alleviate dental issues and promotes healthier gums.
  5. Nasal Bleeding Relief: Mango Seed Kernel Juice In case of nosebleeds during the summer, applying a drop of mango seed kernel juice into the nostrils provides relief and aids in controlling the bleeding.
  6. Soothing Burns: Mango Leaf Ashes Creating ashes from burnt mango leaves and applying them to burnt areas helps in the healing process. This traditional remedy proves beneficial for soothing burns.
  7. Alleviating Burns on Hands and Feet: Mango Flower Rub Rubbing mango flowers onto burnt hands or feet provides relief and helps alleviate the burning sensation.
  8. Improving Digestion: Ginger-Infused Mango Juice For individuals with weak digestion, consuming a mixture of 2 grams of dry ginger in 100 ml of sweet mango juice on an empty stomach in the morning aids in improving digestion. It is important to note that fibrous mangoes can cause constipation while offering overall health benefits.
  9. Managing Sugar Levels: Fresh Mango Leaf Chewing Chewing 8-10 fresh mango leaves daily helps in controlling sugar levels, making it a beneficial practice for individuals with diabetes.
  10. Relieving Hemorrhoids: Mango Inner Bark Juice To alleviate piles, bleeding, and bloody diarrhea, consuming 40 ml of fresh mango inner bark juice in the morning and evening can provide relief. It is recommended to prepare the juice daily for optimal results.


Mangoes, apart from being a delectable summer fruit, possess incredible medicinal properties. From easing coughs and improving appetite to aiding digestion and managing sugar levels, mangoes offer a plethora of health benefits. Embracing these natural remedies can contribute to our overall well-being, allowing us to fully appreciate the wonders of this tropical delight.