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Transforming Governance with RajKaj: Rajasthan’s Unified Enterprise Platform

Transforming Governance with RajKaj: Rajasthan’s Unified Enterprise Platform

Project Description:

RajKaj is a groundbreaking Unified Enterprise Platform designed to revolutionize the workplace for all organizations within the Government of Rajasthan. It serves as a comprehensive electronic and collaborative workspace, streamlining government processes and transactions by transitioning from traditional, manual, paper-based methods to modern, online, automated systems. RajKaj is your all-in-one solution for common functions and roles across various departments, enhancing the digital transformation of over 30 office procedures and employee-specific services.


The primary objectives of RajKaj include:

  • Serving as the central hub for all employees, facilitating access to common functions and roles.
  • Enabling the digital shift of government operations to a modern, automated online system.
  • Offering an online platform for the translation and execution of numerous office procedures and services tailored to employees.


Implementing RajKaj has led to significant advancements in efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency within the government processes of Rajasthan, including:

  • Rajasthan becoming the pioneering state in implementing the eFile system up to the Panchayat Samiti/Tehsil level, with over 800,000 physical files digitized and brought online.
  • The mandate of APR submissions through RajKaj underlines the state government’s dedication to modernize administrative processes and foster a performance-oriented culture.
  • The introduction of popular modules such as IPR (Immovable Property Return), File Tracking, Dak Management, APAR (Annual Performance Appraisal Report), and NOC (No Objection Certificate), further enhances administrative efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.

Audience and Stakeholders:

RajKaj is designed for:

  • All State Government Employees.
  • Administrative Oversight by the Department of Personnel.
  • Implementation Agency: RajComp Info Services Ltd. (RISL).

RajKaj stands as a testament to Rajasthan’s commitment to adopting digital solutions for governance, setting a benchmark for administrative efficiency and transparency.

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