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Who was Jaichand?

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Who was Jaichand?

Jaichand (also known as Jayachandra or Jai Chand) was a king from the 12th century in northern India. He was the king of Kannauj, which was then one of the most important political and cultural centers in India.

Jaichand is most famously known for his role in the battle of Chandawar in 1194. During this battle, he is said to have sided with the invading army of Muhammad Ghori against the Indian king Prithviraj Chauhan. It is said that Jaichand had a personal grudge against Prithviraj Chauhan and wanted to see him defeated, which is why he decided to support the invading army. As a result of Jaichand’s betrayal, Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated in the battle, which led to the establishment of Muslim rule in northern India.

Jaichand’s role in the battle of Chandawar has made him a controversial figure in Indian history, and he is often portrayed as a traitor. However, some historians argue that his actions were motivated by political and strategic considerations rather than personal vendettas, and that he was simply trying to protect his own kingdom.

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